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Swooning the Sleepover

We all know travelers that give little thought to their accommodations. Somewhere to shower, quick rest and back out the door. We get that; there’s fun to be had! But for those of us that consider where we’re staying to be an integral part of the adventure, this piece is for you. For the remainder of this blog, we’ll be taking a few moments to recognize Goliad’s unique lodging options that offer an experience set apart from the typical lodging scenario.  One that may leave you reconsidering sticking around a little longer…

Ranches & Retreats

Known as the birthplace of Texas ranching, Goliad and the surrounding area offers its visitors the opportunity to play in wide open spaces and sip wine under big, star-filled skies. For a true Texas experience, why not take advantage of one of our locally-owned and managed ranches & retreats that are leaving the gate open just for you?

Barnhart Q5 Ranch and Nature Retreat

Previously a hunting and cattle ranch back in the 1900’s, the Barnhart Q5 Ranch and Nature Retreat in Berclair has operated as a retreat for nature-loving guests and those simply needing to catch their breath since 2005 (with hunting options available).  With over 700 acres of South Texas brush country to explore, guests will find cottages and a lovingly restored guest home that dates back to 1877, over 18 miles of hike & bike trails, 8 ponds with wildlife viewing blinds and the opportunity to experience Texas in its most natural state. The ranch is also a hotspot for birders with several species visiting the ranch as they journey along the migratory pathway.

Maetze House

Maetze House

Canyon Ridge Ranch

Beloved by family and now welcoming guests is the Canyon Ridge Ranch, located in Goliad. The ranch offers a variety of landscapes to visitors that include deep canyons, oak groves and open grasslands. Whether gearing up for hunting season or looking for a family getaway while enjoying the outdoors, the ranch offers all-inclusive hunting and/or B&B packages to fit your fancy.

Hunting options at Canyon Ridge Ranch

Hunting options at Canyon Ridge Ranch

Bed & Breakfast

Beautiful home, cozy accommodations and the smell of a delicious breakfast prepared especially for you…who doesn’t love a sweet little B&B?

Wild Goose Inn

Formerly known around Goliad as “The Lindburg House” (established in 1888), the Wild Goose Inn is located near downtown Goliad in one of the area’s most beautiful historic homes. This south Texas B&B’s name means “Holy Spirit” in Celtic and it offers four rooms; each featuring faith-based names and beautiful décor. Guests at the inn will enjoy a peaceful setting and a gourmet breakfast, with comfort foods such as “John’s Banana Foster French Toast”. The inn’s owner is also passionate about whole, healthy foods and the kitchen uses fresh, organic and seasonal ingredients as often as possible.

Front Door of Wild Goose Inn

Front Door of Wild Goose Inn


For the adventurous traveler that’s looking for an experience that simply cannot be found in any other destination, we have a treat for you!

The Quarters at Presidio La Bahia

Located within the Presidio La Bahia, once a functioning Spanish fort and now one of Goliad’s most revered historic sites, are The Quarters. Built in the 1700’s and located along the west wall of the fort, this space was once part of the officer’s quarters and then was later used by priests for housing. Talk about history! Having been restored in the 1960’s and now open to guests, The Quarters includes 2 bedrooms, a living and dining area with a fireplace and Texas’ greatest modern amenity: air conditioning! Booked quickly and often, make your arrangements for this gem soon.

The Quarters Presidio la Bahia

The Quarters Presidio la Bahia

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