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Every community has a story and here is where you'll find pieces of ours. We'll dive into our history, celebrate our culture and do our best to encourage you to accept our ever open invitation to spend a little time with us. Welcome to Goliad!

As one of the oldest Spanish colonial communities in Texas, Goliad’s Hispanic heritage is celebrated and on display all year long! From missions and monuments to festivals and food, there is much to see, do and taste.

Being steeped in Texas history and cultural richness, Goliad’s offerings can be easily spotted without much more than a quick glance around. But as is the case with most seemingly unassuming locales, there’s always more than meets the eye…

Whether you’re looking to escape the week’s worries on a tucked-away ranch or ready to travel back in time in a historic hideaway, we invite you to discover Goliad! For more information on our destination, go to

School is letting out, temperatures are heating up and it’s officially Summertime in Texas!


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